Agio Oros

Mount Athos Sacred Experience

5 days/4 nights
Per Person
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    •  The Experience
    • The ultimate Sacred Experience only for Men! The monastic state of Agion Oros constitutes a self-governed part of the Greek State. It includes 20 “sovereign” monasteries, sketae, huts, cells, and “hermitages”. All the monasteries are coenobitic, i.e. with common liturgy and prayer, common housing, eating and work for the monks. The region is governed by the "Holy community" under the ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Only men are permitted to enter Mount Athos. The rule, known as the "AVATON", forbids access to Mount Athos by any female and is enforced by law. Mount Athos, which overlooks the peninsula, is a huge conical mountain with a height of 2.033 meters. The natural landscapes of the peninsula are astonishing, the picturesque hills, the ver- dant green forests, the steep cliffs and the abundance of running waters. The unique architectural style of the monasteries, with its castle-like arrangement of the buildings, the impressive towers, the admirable bell towers, the carved wood or marble chancel screens, as well as the wonderful decor of excellent murals, holy icons and the melodious psalmodies, which create a unique atmosphere of catanyxis, make Agion Oros a living museum of art, ethnology and ecclesiastical history.

    •  The Monasteries
    • Food is provided in shared dinning along with monks twice a day. No meat is allowed anywhere in Agion Oros. They eat fish and seafood and legumes, vegetables etc. Accommodation is in the monasteries in shared facilities with hot water. Nature is spectacular combining coastal paths (100- 400m above sea level) and forests, waterfalls depending the season. Sea and Mountains. You will experience a cultural and historical visit, since the monasteries are around 1000 years old and huge similar to castles, and not as a pilgrimage or reli- gious tourism. Guests are free to participate in the eve- ning or early morning mass but not obligatory. But it is something very spiritual, especially the morning mass, very mystic and the rituals are performed in darkness with only one candle along with chanting.

    •  The Tours
    • Our Trekking Tours involve the Athonite desert, Mikra Agia Anna, Karoulia, Katounakia, the I.M. Pavlou until I.M. Dionysiou and the Holy Monastery of Gregory. Daily Trekking activity duration is approx. 3 hrs.

    •  How to get there
    • The group will meat in Ouranoupolis at the guesthouse. You can reach Ouranoupolis by car, or by plane to Thessaloniki airport Makedonia (SKG) and then by car (approx. 1.50hrs) or by plane to Kavala airport (KVA) and then by car (approx. 2.20 hrs).

    International Expert Guide | Member of The North Face® team Greece

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    Day by day

    Thursday 26.11.2020

    Day 1: Arrival in Ouranoupoli by own means. Meeting with your guide at the hostel at 18:30.

    Friday 27.11.2020

    Day 2: Ouranoupoli - Daphne - Skete of Agia Anna (by boat). Ascent to the Skete (300m). Arrange and tour to the Athonite desert, Mikra Agia Anna, Karoulia, katounakia. Return and overnight to the Skete.

    Saturday 28.11.2020

    Day 3: From the Skete of Agia Anna 3 hours walk through I.M. Pavlou until I.M. Dionysiou and overnight. Walking Hours 3.

    Sunday 29.11.2020

    Day 4: From I.M. Dionysiou walk 3 hours to the Holy Monastery of Gregory Exit by boat to Daphne and then to Ouranoupolis. Arrival in Ouranoupolis in the afternoon. Walking Hours 3.

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