Abelonia Retreat

Yoga & Trekking Escape

3 days/2 nights
Per Person

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  •  The Retreat
  • Three days full of tranquility and relaxing moments create the ideal escape to restore our balance at Abelonia Retreat, built on the mountainside with a view out to the hilly landscape of Arcadia. A weekend full of wellness experiences with Yoga Specialist Afrodite Patrikiou, yoga & mindfulness rituals, delicious meals, the famous ’Trail of Healing’ Trekking experience and visit to the masterpiece of Iktinos, the Apollo Epicurius Temple.

  •  Accommodation
  • Abeliona Retreat is the ideal place to stimulate your senses and fill up with energy. Built on the mountainside with a view out to the hilly landscape of Arcadia, a few minutes’ drive from the great temple of Apollo Epicurius, the retreat rests in an area that has always been praised not only for its generous natural beauty, but also for giving off a blissful sensation of belongingness. In this blessed, ever-vibrant part of the Peloponnese, man and nature coexist in complete harmony.

  •  Yoga
  • Daily Yoga teachings & Mindfulness rituals with Afrodite Patrikiou. An energizing flow class on Friday to welcome the weekend move the energy and shake things up. On Saturday the ritual is focused on stretching the whole body calming the mind and feel good. On Sunday morning lets experience an all over flow class to keep us energized and refreshed all day. Pranayama Asana and lots of Movement involved. All rituals will be held in the Yurt lying on the highest point of the property. Yurts have always been considered holy in many Asian cultures; with the first written description of a yurt dating back to ancient Greek historian, Herodotus. Built from natural materials, the yurt fosters an almost total feeling of seclusion that is ideal for yoga and meditation sessions.

  •  Trekking
  • The path links the temple of Epikourios Apollo with the beautiful village of Ampeliona. The God Apollo is the god of light, divination, music, harmony and order in the world. In ancient times he had helped the people of the region overcome diseases and diseases. That is why this temple has been built in his honor. Abeliona on the other hand is a very picturesque village where one can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. The chestnut tree forest of Ampelionas is one of the largest and oldest forests in the Peloponnese. The hiker, walks beneath perpetual chestnut trees. The oldest of them, many centuries old, are awe-inspiring with their huge logs and their persistent vitality.

  •  Healthy Meals
  • At the Abeliona Retreat we believe that one’s body is one’s temple. With respect to nutrition, we offer a rich breakfast buffet and menu dishes based on local recipes and pure ingredients. We also provide locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, many of which are handpicked from our vegetable garden and greenhouse, just a short time before being served, while the eggs come directly from the property’s grain-fed, free range chickens. Every day, we prepare a variety of local dishes, with appealing choices for vegetarians, health-conscious individuals and meat-eaters alike.

  •  Apollo Epicurius Temple
  • It’s the masterpiece of Iktinos. Made of local limestone, the temple fits in wonderfully with the imposing landscape surrounding it, despite the fact that the tent-covering partially destroys this feeling. The temple was renowned in antiquity for its beauty, for its architectural virtues and also for the magical place in which the Fygals chose to build it. The marble sculptural decoration of the temple, with scenes Centaurs and Amazonons is considered to be the work of the sculptor Paionius. Today it is on display at the British Museum. Plaster copies of the 23 embossment marble slabs can be admired in the Andritsaina Library building.

  •  Neda Springs visit (Optional)
  • The river of Neda is considered to be stemming from this point, as the water from all rivers and streams end up here. Next to the springs you will see the picturesque little church of Agianastasi.

  •  How to get there
  • Follow the National Road Athens to Korinthos and then Korinthos to Kalamata. After the exit “Megalopolis” you will find the exit “Leontari”, which is the one you will follow. In the cross you will turn left and follow the road for about 1 to 2 km looking for signs to Neda and Abeliona, where you should turn right to the exit with a bridge and right to the bridge. You will come across the train rails and keep on the road to Lykaio. Caution, you will not cross the village Lykaio. You will turn left approximately to the middle of the village; there is a sign to Abeliona. You will find 600m approximately of dirt road, keep driving to this direction for Neda. After a while you will reach your destination.The route from Athens to Abeliona is about 2,5 hours. Signs to Abeliona exist to whole route from Leontari and on.

Yoga Specialist

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Day by day

Friday 08.05.2020

19:00 - 20:00 Yoga session with Afrodite 'Back to Nature Flow'
20:30 - 23.00 Dinner

Saturday 09.05.2020

08:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
12:00 - 15:30 Trekking & Apollo Epicurius Temple visit (experience a Mindfulness session in the Temple)
15.30 Free time
19:00 - 20:15 Yoga session with Afrodite 'Sweet Stretchy Afternoon Flow'
20:30 - 23.00 Dinner

Sunday 10.05.2020

09.00 -10.15 Yoga session with Afrodite 'Wake up call'
10:30 - 11:30 Breakfast
12.00 Visit to Neda Springs (Optional)

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