Our extensive working experience in premium environments and managing a vast array of important projects can support you in creating a Corporate Culture towards Wellbeing inside your business, developing Wellness experiences at the workplace taking under consideration the specific conditions of your Company and planning outdoor activities and Wellness Retreats for your people.
We have partnered with some of the top companies and have offered Wellness Days at workplace, Stress Management seminars, Wellness Retreats on the mountains and more.

Our services include:
  • Wellness Area Concept Development
  • Wellness Area Management
  • Outdoor Wellness Activities
  • Wellness Events
  • Wellness Retreats
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With physical and mental well-being being one of the most significant public health issues in the 21st–century workplace, it’s clear that developing a corporate wellness culture gives a significant competitive advantage in your business.
What will your business gain by our cooperation:

  • Maintain, improve and enhance the health and well-being of your Team
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Reinforce wellness culture
  • Collective cooperation and teamwork is strengthened and helps to improve relations and ties between employees
  • Promotes a particularly positive image of the company culture
  • Staff feel pampered and taken care by the company
  • Promote Work Life balance

Our 360 philosophy

Corporate wellness is the new trend for those employers who want to retain a happy, healthy workforce. With an ever-growing emphasis on work-life balance, it makes sense for employers to actively show their commitment to place as positive as possible.

At Premium Wellness, we are experts in providing businesses with their very own personalised set of innovative initiatives, depending on the size of the company and its particular needs. By using our customized services, it is possible to empower each individual on a personal level and also create a greater sense of team spirit, both of which are beneficial to corporate health.

We have a 360° approach to achieving optimum physical and mental health in the corporate environment with our Tr3loGy program, which focuses on nutrition (Threpsis), exercise (Kinesis), stress management and emotional wellbeing (Noesis).
Threpsis includes a range of awareness workshops on anti-ageing, DNA and nutrition, Vegan Cooking Workshops, Snacks at Work, Smoothies and Healthy Drinks & Detox.

Kinesis sets the focus on physical fitness with Express classes, Yoga Rituals, Mobility and Body Work sessions.

Noesis allows for improvement of the mental state of employees, with sessions on Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques, Sleep and Parenting Workshops, and Individual Wellbeing and Team Spirit Workshops.

At Premium Wellness, we believe that happy, healthy employees are your company’s most valuable asset and we can assist you in ensuring that their wellbeing brings success for all.

Wellness Area Concept Development

Our Team offers consulting and advisory services for the facilities and services for Corporate Wellness Areas. If you are thinking of building up or renovating your existing facility, upgrading your services, setting up policies and procedures, our Team of Experts will listen carefully to your needs and develop a wellness concept tailored to your goals.

Wellness Facilities Management

Our Company undertakes the management of Corporate Wellness facilities (GYM & SPA) recruits its own staff and takes full responsibility for daily operations. We offer group classes, open gyms sessions, Private trainings as well as Health & Fitness Assessments for the employees. Our main focus is to create concepts that inspire the employees to make breakthroughs and lifestyle changes towards their Wellbeing.

Gym at Work

Our TEAM has developed an innovative Corporate Gym concept that fits any venue size and needs no operational resources or expensive equipment. We call it the TechGYM! With the use of an APP employees book easily their classes or massages on their calendar and keep a track of their performance.

Putting a Gym in your workplace is a significant investment that brings remarkable benefits both to the business and the people. From stress reduction to increased team-building and productivity, a Wellness area in your workspace could make itself more than worthwhile.

Outdoor Wellness Activities

Our Team of professionals develop a variety of outdoor activities and sports for employees. Running Teams, Triathlon teams, Tennis, SUP, Trekking and more activities will be accessible to your people weekly times and during the weekends to participate, enjoy and have fun.

  • GROUP RETREATS: Organise a day or more dedicated to your people in small groups or everyone involved to share experi- ences, have fun, bond and commu- nicate while hiking, cycling, or participating in Yoga & Mindfulness experiences.

  • FAMILY EXPERIENCE:Are you looking for a family experi- ence for your people? How about an Olympic Games experience for parents and kids? having fun, bond and educate on our Olympic heri- tage.

  • WATER EXPERIENCES: Enjoy a day at the beach with organised Water & Beach experi- ences by our experts, SUP, kayak & beach fitness activities for all!

Wellness Events

Our Team of professionals organises Wellness Events throughout the year to promote Wellbeing, increase employees awareness on Health and Wellness issues and support the application of Healthy habits in the workplace. We employ a vast number of Wellness professionals in different fields, such as Wellness Coaches, Nutritional Consultants, Chefs, Trainers, Yoga and Meditation practitioners and many more. Premium Wellness Team organises on behalf of its clients Wellness Days at Workplace, Health Assessment days, Rejuvenation days with our SPA therapists, team building events and more.

Wellness Retreats

A Wellness Retreat offers a purposefully designed programme of therapies and activities, guided by leading health and wellness experts aiming to leave away stress, responsibilities and pressure of daily life and let the mind quiet down from its daily routine. A wellness retreat provides a much needed safe space in our busy lives, to finally slow down, to relax and really get to know our colleagues and communicate more efficient with them.

It is a perfect opportunity to reinforce the company’s vision, to bond the team and to set clearly the company’s targets. Our Team of professionals in co-operation with the client company designs a tailored made Wellness getaway based on the specific needs and requirements of the Company.



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