Mountain Fitness BootCamp

30.11 - 2.12

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    Wellness Specialists

    Activities include Animal Movement workouts and Fitness Bootcamp Games with Panos Theodorou the famous Survivor player and Fitness Specialist, Mindfulness through yoga, flexibility & movement with Evangelos, nature walking and pic nic experience, recharging visits in Elatos SPA and revitalising dips in the indoor pool overlooking the forests.

    After moving and stretching your bodies, will be treating a singing bowl sound bath followed by a deep guided relaxation/meditation. Under the soundscape of specially designed singing bowls, each calibrated for different parts of the body, you will experience an unusual feeling of relaxation throughout your whole body and mind.
    Strong physical practice based on ground locomotive patterns and inspired from animals. You will sometimes mimic movements of animals, while others will drive inspiration from them. The body will be mobilised in new ways and patters that will strengthen and loosen the hips and shoulder joints. We will build on different patterns and movements, in order to start creating flow.
    Elatos Resort is a hidden gem in the mountains. After brunch we will have an easy walk to enjoy the scenery and connect with nature. Before heading back, we will have some outdoor activities utilizing parts of nature and work on our balance, obstacle running/jumping and finally an amazing game of feeling the nature's texture and working with it. On our way back, if the weather permits it, we will have a pic-nic close by the resort.
    Share relaxing & revitalising moments with your loved ones with recharging dips in the indoor heated pool and jacuzzi overlooking the forests. Combine with one of the relaxing signature therapies in the Elatos SPA by APIVITA and refresh, recharge and renew your mind and body.
    While using the breath as a guide, we create space in the joints and consciously, vs mechanically, "open" the body and help it regain its elasticity, while at the same time creating a sense of well-being. You will start creating a mental link with parts of your body which you probably never felt before. By creating a balance between effort and effortlessness the mind relaxes and the energy gets a strong boost.
    Sunday morning fun will take place outdoors. We will combine all the elements we did from the previous trainings, and implement them in group setting, couple setting, body riddles and many more different scenarios.


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