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    Activities include Morning Yoga sessions with Aleksandra overlooking the much photographed little fishing village of Limeni, Trekking in the village of Kardamili and pic nic in the mountains, the famous Diros Caves visit, mindfulness and life coaching workshop with Dr. Katerina Athanasiou, and relaxing moments in the luxurious Hotel environment.

    Daily morning teachings and life rituals of Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Aleksandra! This practice includes body positions (asanas), sun salutations (Syrua Namaskar), stretching, breathing exercises (pranayamas) combined with Vinyasa, a more powerful form of yoga, the whole movement becomes like a dance! Like a moving meditation!.. without pauses.. and in the end comes the relaxation..
    The tour starts from the fortified tower houses of old Kardamyli and follow the path that once was part of the ancient so called 'royal road' connecting Kardamyli with Sparta. Along the way we visit some of the traditional, beautiful little villages of the region, we walk through their narrow streets as we learn about their past. Byzantine churches, stone built watchtowers, old fountains olive and grain mills reveal the life of the past. In a small distance ahead, mount Taygetos stands snowed in some of its highest peaks. A small break for a healthy picnic with traditional local delicacies.
    Leading Change through the use of positive language: How does our brain work? How does it filter information and stimuli? What is the unconscious function and how it is affected by the use of negative Vs Positive Language. How can programming - mobilize using positive language?
    Diros Caves are characterised among the most stunning caves in the world. The Glyfada River runs through the floor of the cave and at a certain point, where the river widens, a lake is formed. Small boats guide you through the lake, so that you can enjoy the impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The boats take you to various chambers and tunnels, which "host" myriads of bright white, pink, and red stalactites, as well as grey and white pillars.


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