Tr3logy, a 360 approach to Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is the new trend for those employers who want to retain a happy, healthy workforce. With an ever-growing emphasis on work-life balance, it makes sense for employers to actively show their commitment to making the time their staff spend at the workplace as positive as possible.

At Premium Wellness, we are experts in providing businesses with their very own personalised set of innovative initiatives, depending on the size of the company and its particular needs. By using our customized services, it is possible to empower each individual on a personal level and also create a greater sense of team spirit, both of which are beneficial to corporate health.

We have a 360° approach to achieving optimum physical and mental health in the corporate environment with our Tr3logy program, which focuses on nutrition (Threpsis), exercise (Kinesis), stress management and emotional wellbeing (Noisis). Our services are designed to support companies wishing to develop a corporate feel-good culture in line with the three categories mentioned above and include Wellness Area Concept Development, Wellness Area Management, Outdoor Wellness Activities, Wellness Events and Retreats.

Threpsis includes a range of awareness workshops on anti-ageing, DNA and nutrition, Vegan Cooking Workshops, Snacks at Work, Smoothies and Healthy Drinks & Detox. Kinesis sets the focus on physical fitness with Team Hiking, Team Running and Beach Volleyball Days, Family Days of Trekking & Picnics, as well as Beach Days and Sporting Competitions. Noisis allows for improvement of the mental state of employees, with sessions on Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques, Sleep and Parenting Workshops, and Individual Wellbeing and Team Spirit Workshops.

A selection of Wellness Retreats for managers or decentralised staff both locally and on an overnight basis can be arranged while Wellness Lounges and Mini-Gyms can also be set up in the workplace, space allowing.

The consultants of Premium Wellness can help your business to plan a full range of activities tailor-made to suit your needs and provide you with access to an online platformthrough which program evaluations, metrics and team challenges can be accessed and scheduled. Incentives and rewards can also be set, helping employees to strive to achieve their personal or team goals.

At Premium Wellness, we believe that happy, healthy employees are your company’s most valuable asset and we can assist you in ensuring that their wellbeing brings success for all.

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Mikro Papigko
Vikos Hiking Retreat
23 - 25 April | 12 - 14 November 2021
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